Exploring Physical Mediumship with Scott Milligan – Module 5




Explore physical mediumship with Physical Medium and Altered-States Tutor, Scott Milligan. An online opportunity for you to learn first-hand from one of the most gifted and experienced tutors in this field.

“Allow me to take you on a journey of discovery and understanding in one of the rarest forms of mediumship ever known. Physical mediumship can move someone from believing to knowing in a heartbeat. I will be leading you through all the many different areas of this subject and explain all aspects that make up this form of mediumship. You will learn the differences between mental mediumship versus physical mediumship, overshadowing versus transfiguration, direct voice, partial materialization to full materialization, and apports—and why they are used in physical mediumship. My hope is to offer a perspective that disbands all the myths, fears and doubts this form of mediumship attracts”.

“You will receive a deeper inside view of physical mediumship, as I will be sharing many of my experiences that I have attained in the darkness of a seance room. You will understand more fully about the history of some of the great mediums of the past, including their abilities and unique gifts. So come on a journey, leading you back to Eternity, helping you to lay the foundations of your own gift.”

Tutorials will cover:

  •     The history of Physical Mediumship
  •     Who is a Physical Medium
  •     Mental Mediumship vs Physical Mediumship
  •     Altered States
  •     A comprehensive understanding of Overshadowing versus Transfiguration
  •     Direct Voice
  •     Materialization
  •     Apports
  •     Guidelines and best practices for a physical mediumship circle

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