Life After Death: Living Proof by Tom Harrison


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Life After Death: Living Proof by Tom Harrison

Tom, born into a Spiritualist family, in 1918, has experienced psychic phenomena from an early age. His mother, Minnie, had developed her natural mediumistic gifts from childhood. In 1946 as one of the original members of their weekly home circle in Middlesbrough, with his mother as the medium, he witnessed the breathtakingly unique and rapid progress of the physical phenomena.

This book gives us not only a brief introduction to the man himself but details the development of the home circle, with his mother as the medium, and the amazing phenomena which they witnessed in only 32 weeks – apports, telekinesis, spirit lights, voices through the ‘trumpet’ megaphone, spirit writing, ectoplasmic hands against a painted plaque and then full ectoplasmic materialisations in red light with the medium still sitting with them in the circle.

Over the next seven years more than 1,500 ectoplasmic materialised Spirit people were greeted and embraced by the circle and their scores of visitors, to whom was proved the reality of Life After Death.

Many of these accounts are taken directly from the circle notes that Tom made each week and illustrated by the photographs they took, solely for his mother’s benefit so she could see what they were seeing.

Thirty-five years after his mother’s passing into the Spirit world Tom was again sitting regularly in another physical circle with Stewart Alexander and some of the special times in that circle are also recorded in the book, together with the account of the wonderful mass long-distance healing which Tom experienced when he was in hospital in Spain in 2007.

Originally published in 2004 this revised edition was brought into print in 2008 to be able to include this amazing healing session when the healing energy of almost 100 people sitting together helped three specifically named people – Tom in Spain, a lady in York and a man in Glasgow.

A book with an easy-to-read style which many have read over and over again

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