Whispers From Eternity with Scott Milligan – All Modules


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Six 90 minute tutorials recorded in January 2020.

Enhance your development of the Altered States/Trance states with Scott Milligan. An online opportunity for you to learn new techniques listen to advice to help you develop your mediumship in the right way.

“Allow Scott to take you on a journey of self discovery and understanding in one of the most special forms of mediumship. He will be leading you through all the many different areas of this subject and explain all aspects that make up this form of mediumship. You will learn the differences between overshadowing, channelling and all levels of altered states.


  1. Working in power and how to sit to lay the foundation for development.
  2. Overshadowing and how one is blending with the spirit within and the unseen world.
  3. Colours of trance working with colour for the trance state.
  4. The different gifts of the spirit.
  5. Practice make perfect
  6. Trance night with the world of light.

All classes will have a healing focus.


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